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From The Poetry Porch 2017 issue: "Artists and Airplanes"

three by PB:



Earlier news items about this book, followed by a reprint of a poem from the book.

A reading by Paula Bonnell from Air & Voices took place as scheduled at the West End Branch of the Boston Public Library in the early evening of Thursday April 18, 2013, the day before the city was locked down with a shelter-in-place directive as a result of events later Thursday evening. A small appreciative unterrorized audience made the evening successful despite the uncertainties then prevailing, and everyone involved -- author, publisher, and audience -- appreciated the BPL's commitment to having the show go on.

"The Faraway Nearby" -- from Airs & Voices -- was first published in the Winter 2008 issue of The Hudson Review.


I could live in the next life
if only I could get to it

Driving onto the promontory
again and again, I visit the screened porch

sleep in new-washed sheets
drink the breeze

and depart across the grilled
pause in the road

that is the bridge.  I look quickly
to left or right--is it high

or low tide? when will
I return to swim in it?

instead of bathing
in my sweat, laboring

to get here.  I mean,
to get there for I remain

mired in the city of tasks,
always something urgent

presented unexpectedly
at the very moment of departure.

Oh, the summer of voices, the presence
of the grass, the suggestion

of wings in the moving
leaves as I leave--over

and over again--when I long
to arrive and stay.

Copyright Paula Bonnell 2008, 2010, 2014.

The Poetry of Wislawa Szymborska


by Paula Bonnell

This essay originally appeared, in slightly different form, in Boston Review, April 1983.






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. . . in Cambridge, Massachusetts -- while the Phi Beta Kappa Society of nearby Harvard University listened to Albert Goldbarth, its Poet for the 2009 Literary Exercises -- the Grolier Poetry Bookshop window featured books including Airs & Voices . . .


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