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Three poems from Abracadabra may be read via this website:

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The third -- first published in the Canadian literary magazine The Fiddlehead, Copyright Paula Bonnell 1981, 2011 -- is this:


More distant than cousins
at many removes, their connection
more attenuated than telephone wires,
they are yet closer than
kissing cousins,
close as flame to moth,
held by the broken blacks
of ink laid down
in letter shapes.
Like Venn circles
they overlap,
exactly at the words.

This is posted for you, Christine Delea, . . . and other readers, especially those arriving here through her website.

Selected Works

In a handsome perfect-bound format, tales retold is poems giving new takes on stories from myth, fables, folk & fairy tales, even 20th-century news. Principal and minor characters offer their perspectives on what's happening.

"The life of the mind begins here."

-- Megan Marshall

author of Margaret Fuller: A New American Life and The Peabody Sisters: Three Women Who Ignited American Romanticism

"The intelligent child [Bonnell] conjures up has a mind as supple and lively as these ecstatic, wry poems."

-- Miriam Levine

author of The Dark Opens and Devotion, a memoir

"The words a story in poems on the title page of Paula Bonnell's Before the Alphabet made me rejoice for narrative in contemporary poetry. Like all stories, these poems reveal a deeper story beneath the surface. I value this work greatly."

-- Nick Samaras

author of Hands of the Saddlemaker and American Psalm, World Psalm

poetry books
The world as peaceable kingdom is interrupted by wars and rumors of wars.
Lyric and narrative poems, including "Eurydice," a re-telling of the myth
poetry collection manuscript
This as-yet unpublished collection was a finalist in the National Poetry Series. "Plain Speech" and "Scenic Postcard" -- both reachable through the Quick Links below -- are from Abracadabra.

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